Easter in noble style, 31 March - 2 April.


Easter breakfast

55,- PLN/pp

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Traditional Easter rye flour soup with white sausage

Easter plate with stuffed eggs

Easter plate with roasted meat, traditional polish ham, sausage, meat and pâté

Vegetable salad

Horseradish, cranberry, beetroots and mix of bread

Dessert: easter cake, cheesecake, poppy seed cake

Coffee, tea

Option 2

98,- PLN/pp

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Deer pate and rabbit pate served with cranberry and mix of bread


Easter soup with smoked ham, buttermilk and egg served in a pot

Main course


  • Half a duck baked with silesian dumplings and red cabbage with honey
  • Rabbit leg in sour cream with tagliatelle and beetroots



  • Easter cake with lemon–curd
  • Cheesecake with raspberry sauce

Coffee, tea