If you want to eat tasty and  traditional,   it is  worth considering our restaurant in Krakow,  a  place with tradition and  a true soul.  As soon as you cross the threshold you will  certainly feel like you are in  a noble tavern known from the movies. This is not only  a place of extraordinary cuisine, but also  an  elegant restaurant in which there is  a professional conference hall, where we will help you to arrange a tasty meeting with business partners.

We especially recommend it for our foreign guests who wish to feel the Polish atmosphere. Indeed,  it is a perfect place for banquets,  a city of the Polish kings  as well as great Polish history and culture. Your guests will certainly  long remember  their stay in this  beautiful, Polish city.


We recommend you the freshest, hand-made dumplings with the widest  choice in Krakow.

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Fruit dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN

Spinach dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Salmon and spinach dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 26,- PLN, fried 29,- PLN

Cabbage and mushroom dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Ruthenian dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Spicy chicken dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Meat dumplings

10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Venison dumplings

10 pieces
Fried 28,- PLN

Mix of dumplings

Ruthenian, meat, cabbage and mushroom
10 pieces
Boiled 20,- PLN, fried 23,- PLN

Bowl of dumplings to try

Ruthenian, meat, cabbage and mushroom, broccoli
30 pieces
Boiled 46,- PLN

Additional fat, cream or fried onions for dumplings

2,- PLN


And to start...

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Herring in sour cream

Cracovian style
12,- PLN

Steak tartar

From beef tenderloin with a variety of additions, for individual preparation, served with bread
26,- PLN

Salmon rolls

On celery mousse
22,- PLN

Bowl of salad with grilled chicken

23,- PLN

Duck salad with balsamic sauce

With duck confit
25,- PLN

Goat’s cheese baked in puff pastry

Served with honey-nut sauce
25,- PLN

Sausage with onion

Served on cast iron, with bread and mustard
19,- PLN

Pasibrzuch’s caprice

Highlander’s cheese in a shell, plums in bacon, olives in bacon
21,- PLN

Chanterelles Farmer’s style

Prepared with bacon, served in a cream sauce
25,- PLN

Potato pancakes

With chanterelles in a cream sauce. Served with smoked bacon or mushrooms only
26,- PLN


We recommend you delicious, nourishing soups prepared with the freshest products available

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Sour rye soup

Served on a plank, with horseradish and white, grilled sausage
19,- PLN

Boletus soup in a bread bowl

19,- PLN

Beef tripe with bread

17,- PLN

Farmer’s style broth

With boiled beef and  home-made noodles
9,- PLN

Red borscht with dumplings

15,- PLN

Main dishes

Main dishes prepared carefully by our chefs

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Grilled trout

Served with vegetables and garlic butter
42,- PLN

Chicken breast

Grilled, served on  spinach with garlic
29,- PLN

Duck leg

Confit, with ginger-cranberry sauce
68,- PLN

Duck breast

In cherry-pear sauce, served with Silesian dumplings and red cabbage with honey
59,- PLN

Rabbit Old Polish style

With kaszotto and fried beetroots
54,- PLN

Exquisite veal tenderloins

In chanterelle sauce with potato and bacon tournedo
59,- PLN

Veal shank

Served with Silesian dumplings, on cabbage and beetroots
76,- PLN

Lamb chops

Served with gratin potatoes and leaf spinach
66,- PLN

Marinated pork tenderloin

With cheese sauce and grilled vegetables
39,- PLN

Knights’ stewed pork knuckle

By weight
6,50 PLN / 100 g

Traditional Pork Chop

With bone, of a noble size, with boiled potatoes and fried cabbage
35,- PLN

Royal style ribs

Served with grilled vegetables and potatoes
43,- PLN

Beef sirloin steak

In a green pepper sauce
64,- PLN

T-bone steak

Tenderloin and strip steak. Served with roasted potatoes
72,- PLN

Hearty potato pancakes

With pork goulash
29,- PLN

Boar tenderloins

Served on  potato pancakes with boletes and fried beetroots
62,- PLN

Dishes specially served

Do you want to impress your guests? Order one of our dishes specially served.

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Noble style feast

Two can barely handle, five  shall count it, while ten  shall exercise it.  An abundance of all kinds of meat, juicy until the last bite, together with side dishes, served on wood, to divide according to the tastes and preferences of the guests.
For ten people.
Half an  order also available.
Waiting time 40 minutes.
690,- PLN

Noble Hunt
Hunting feast for 4 people

Boar roulades, potato pancakes with deer goulash, deer dumplings, boar tenderloins, side dishes
330,- PLN

Side dishes

To accompany the dishes served we also recommend...

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Potatoes from the frying pan

Cracovian style
7,- PLN

Potatoes with butter and dill

7,- PLN

Polish gnocchi with butter

7,- PLN

Silesian dumplings

7,- PLN

Mixed breads

2,50 PLN

Fresh cut salads

Iceberg lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, rocket
8,- PLN

Grilled vegetables

8,- PLN

Bowl of boiled vegetables

16,- PLN

Fried beetroots

7,- PLN

Fried cabbage

7,- PLN


At the end we also recommend something sweet!

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Black forest

Creamy dessert with mascarpone, cherries and chocolate
16,- PLN

Cheesecake with dew

With raspberry sauce
12,- PLN

Chocolate souffle

With cherry sauce
14,- PLN

Fruit and nut Fad

Chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and nuts
16,- PLN

Lemon sorbet with vodka

16,- PLN

Warm apple pie

With ice-cream - a combination of the two forces of nature
13,- PLN